Pictures at an exhibition.

In the Kangaroo Island Fine Art Gallery are fine paintings and glass work of my family. A little showing of them on my weblog…

20120812-130959.jpgMy sister in law Jenny Clapson’s painting,..Dusk-Between awakening and dusk.

20120812-131245.jpgThis is my husband Glen Ash’s painting ,Sky and Water, Nepean Bay.
The engraved glass vessel is made by our son, Llewelyn Ash. The title is Sleeping Ocean.

20120812-140009y.jpg I continue to hand colour my cockies etchings, becoming queen of painting She oak cones and Cockie Tail feathers. The part I wait to paint is the calm sea area near the shoreline, which I paint in thin stripes of colour. Some very made up or imagined. But not really, each end of these days I walk for kilometres on the Bay, and see the light bring the lines of every colour . The big news for me is..Where are the Swans?.. They are Always at this beach. I am having to be pleased with all other bird inhabitants, Stints, Oystercatchers,Shell ducks,Toucans (completely untrue, just thought I could Invent bird sightings) & tiny precious plovers. All wonderful, but not swans.

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