Leaving the Island

On my last evening, a mill pond sea, I must go out one more time. Past the wallaby tracks,

20120829-155018.jpg past the tiny shore shells,

20120829-155207.jpg…out onto the mirror mill pond sea.

20120829-155353.jpgOver the Spider Crabs ,and the glint eyed Shovelnose Ray.


20120829-155725.jpg. Into the Samphire meadows and creeks one more time.

20120829-160117.jpg. And there they are, at last, the Swans.


20120829-160321.jpg. A photo and a drawing of these lovely birds.( The drawing is from my etching, part of the title is the Lamentation of swans, one of their collective nouns.) I must turn back before the sun sets, so I can see my marker boat (The S Gibbon) up on the high tide line. A sun setting picture, on this so very East/West beach. The orientation of a church.

20120829-161122.jpg My mind and spirit now full of gratitude, for this Island home, my family there, my dear friends, many who were my parents close friends, the conversations and memories shared, the plants ,garden cuttings, the large jar of bramble jam, stringy bark honey, books, cups of tea, a bit too much sherry & wine. All this comes with me.

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