Summer leaving, Autumn nearly here.

20140226-140538.jpgJust before the high temperatures of this summer arrived , Sarah helped me with a big edition run of etchings. Between polishing plates, Sarah also helped with Percy Possum. He is a ring tail possum which Glen found under the yellow box gums. Here he is being fed special marsupial milk, given through a tube attached to a syringe.


20140226-141646.jpg We were grateful to the Fauna rescue people , for possum information . Now a possum house has been placed near our trees, so we can accommodate rescue possums and then later release them.

20140226-142923.jpgThis cheery fellow is accepting some apple, after accidentally snapping with sharp teeth, Glen’s finger .

20140226-143407.jpgWith his injured hand, Glen soldiered on and made a two lane branch way , to another house and the tree beyond. And the gully and forest below. The cloth on the release house was to keep the possums cool on our days of extreme heat. It was watered with our fire hose , the Coolgardie safe principle. Indoors, the etchings got printed, and pegged up to dry.

20140226-144955.jpg The temperatures rose so high this summer. I cooked an egg out doors, by putting a frying pan in the garden. The resident brontosaurus guarded it as it baked .

20140226-145525.jpgA trifle of time later…

20140226-145709.jpgAnd then a grateful Pepper dog eating the Œuf Crackle.

20140226-150206.jpg(These pictures were sent to my friends in Tasmania, Kevin and Cheryl, who were feeling smug, wearing overcoats and scarves to keep warm.) And now the season of Mists is on the way.

20140226-151339.jpgI have tackled some wild bits of my studio, and order arrives, according to the gospel of Ikea.

20140226-151800.jpgMy financial advisor , Roy, the dog , is exhausted.

20140226-151930.jpgThe sunflowers of summer soon to pass, the donkeys , Don Quixote and Munch doing some mowing in the garden, send them on their way.

20140226-152538.jpgMy next weblog, a new commission painting, a train journey to be a printmaking student and Harold the lamb.

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