Paris after the Cassis Glacé,  then on a speedy train south. 

 This is looking down the Dordogne river, I am peering out from a great height , between the summer stalky grasses of the bastide town of Domme.  

 My paper is clipped on with a hair clip. If it blows away in the wind I shall not climb down to fetch it. We have been staying near Castel- naud la Chapelle for some days now, my very fine students and I .  

 Here we are at amazing Rocamadour, Briali has taken this with her tricky long distance wand. I hope Utama is not too far away. It doesn’t do to look down at this point . Peter and Ria have been cooking three meals a day for us and we are cross eyed with splendid eating.  

   We can’t seem to remember what day it is, so perfect is this time together. ( And there is more……) But now back to Paris. Beautiful Paris. Again my attic room with the roof top views I have come to love…. 

 and the curly whirly art nouveau entrance to my Metro station.

   Down into the Metro again and off to the Museé D’Orsay… One of the Best galleries, along with my other Best galleries.  


 And at this time, an immense exhibition of Pierre Bonnard. An immensely wonderful exhibition. I love these paintings, I spend the rest of the day almost in his world..He shows us the most Crabbit Cats ( a Sue in Scotland word) look how spitty this one is.. 

 and then look at this chap, just near the table dejeuner, fat as fat. 

 La grandmere, aussi trés ample, attends to la jolie enfant.  

 It is Just how it is , with Grandmothers, the dearest of quiet times. Bonnard paints these treasures and more. I couldn’t photograph the the beady eyed black dog he painted, Le Chein just about to get a whole cherry pie. There are old films of Bonnard showing, of him walking with friends, swimming and in a small boat. His life going on forever in his pictures.  

 I can’t resist the catalogue, I weigh each one in my hands, bother, the best is the heaviest. And in French, good for my brain. I go out along the Seine, looking for Sennelier and Charvin art supply shops. A Zebra vase in an elegant gallery window..  

 And gosh, that is a useful looking flamingo maybe toucan ish lamp. And a mouse lamp aussi. 

 There is an upside down bear under the table, I am sure it is. And now , truly for the enthusiast, a window display of pencil sharpeners. Of course it has to be the Sennelier shop. Mais Oui.  

 Inside it is as splendid as always. I purchase a pencil sharpener. 

 Onwards to Charvin. A lovely window arrangement , aquarelles in all their splendour.  

   Of course I buy some paints. Old Holland Manganese Deep, The King’s Blue, ( Deep) x2, and also some Charvin block pan paint. Maybe I could be tempted to buy a smock.  

 But would they match my Sarah Chapeau Rouge? That is the big question. I think of the photographs of Monet in one of these smocks. With his FC beard and for ever cigarette . More water colours are glistening on the table. Back through the little crowded summer streets, past some jolie gateaux.. 

 One last Paris sleep… 

  Early morning Metro to Montparnasse, if I would be a gentleman , a chance for an almost discreet quick wee on the platform,  

 Cheery really , on now to the Montparnasse platforms, take ones time to tell us from where Le tran will leave. Bon Matin to railway dogs and their owners. 

    The second picture for Tonia and Banjo Baker, a gentle seeing eye dog. Then the pointy pointy speedy trains, waiting with engines turning. 


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4 Responses to Paris after the Cassis Glacé,  then on a speedy train south. 

  1. Cathy Fowler says:

    Hi Janet – I SOOO adore your blog – and can you believe it but I know Tonia & Banjo too!!

  2. Margaret Neate says:

    Dear Janet, I’m so glad I didn’t waste time and money on this tour. It is so much easier to sit here and enjoy your beautifully illustrated travelogue than to force one’s creaking joints to traipse around irresistible exhibitions, museums, galleries, art shops and glacé parlours. Let alone around the picturesquely but perilously situated painting viewpoints. (o.k., you’re right – I’m green with envy.)
    Can’t wait for the next episode. Thank you, Janet. It’s a delight. XX

  3. Tonia Baker says:

    Hi Cathy & Janet, a truly amazing coincidence – less vastness in this world than we sometimes think!

  4. Tonia Baker says:

    Hi Cathy & Janet, truly an amazing coincidence – less vastness in this world than we sometimes think!

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