To the Far North

IMG_2743-0.JPG. We have come to Scotland , Portobello , to visit our friends Sue and Alec, Jack and Ellie. ( On our way to to France) . Camy Cat sits at the window , the sun is coming up through thick cloud over the sea. It is almost a year since my last weblog. So much to say of a year. Of very recent times…. Our very loved Pepper Pot dog went to sleep for ever. On her couch and best cushion, with her Milly. Perhaps she said… ‘I might be gone for some time..’

DSC01083.JPG. Here she is , sitting on her second best couch. A beautiful photo taken by Glen. I think of her as I see the dogs running on the stormy beach. And along the sea wall. What a gift it is to have these animal companions in our lives.

IMG_2780.JPGThis is Clarice the whippet, a Scotland dog, on the sea wall.

We have been in England since last Monday. Sarah and Michael kindly met us at Heathrow and took us first to have a restorative cup of tea. Not just in a roadside cafe but at Dorchester ( Oxford Dorchester, not Thomas Hardy Dorchester) . It must be one of the best tea rooms. Here is Diana, one of the Tea Ladies of the Abbey officiating. The table was ‘ groaning ‘ with cakes, scones and blackcurrant jam.

We could eat all we wished and I did. Actual spoonfuls of blackcurrant jam which was a bit rude especially since I was out.
Then to the little museum full of treasures…

A perfect model of the Romano-English house C4.
And a canon ball, out of action , which is a good thing .

And some photos now of the Abbey.

The little notice board, and then some of the interior.


Candles I lit for dear friends recently left this life.. Jack Powell, Louisa Fioretti, Mac Blight, Ann Whyte, Pepper Pot, Margaret (Mimi) Miller and Lyn Bartlett.
God is at home in this Abbey.
An old knight lies partly leg less on the floor, and another one , a bit contorted on a plinth.


Out now through the garden, past the cottage in the close.


Next time, into Oxford, into the print room of the Ashmoleum , Samuel Palmer and Joan Hassell. A dog or several.

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10 Responses to To the Far North

  1. What a joy to view your lovely pics again, Janet! Being greedy, I look forward to more.

  2. Cathy Fowler says:

    So very happy & excited that you are doing a blood again! Can’t wait for the next installment!

  3. Jill says:

    Thankyou for your lovely blog Janet, with photos to tug at the heart strings and make us all want to return to England immediately. Sam and i are in Malta . What a gentle, beautiful place full of ancient cave temples and dwellings. The oldest in the world. Shandy was with us in Italy, now home desperately seeking new accommodation because just before she left australia, her house sold! She will build a new one in an eco village at Pt Willunga but needs a tent or similar for the next year or so. Happy Mothers Day Janet to you and Glen. Our love, Jill and Sam.🙋🏼🍰🍰

    Sent from my iPad


    • janetayliffe says:

      Thankyou dear Jill and Sam, good news about Shandy’s house selling. We have a spare tent. Meant to say before, Thankyou about cows dancing news, I have seen them years ago in holland. Wonderful ! With love Janet.

  4. Karen Barker says:

    Dearest Janet, I feel sad for your Pepper Pot but happy for your travels, thank you for sharing. Glad you are blogging again, will you be printing on your journey? sending love from Kangaroo Valley Karen

    • janetayliffe says:

      Dear Karen, How lovely to hear from you, thankyou for your msg. I will be printing, it will be lovely to show you Katharine’s letter press letters. With my love, Janet.

  5. Wonderfull to see the interior of the church and strange how one of those sculptures is twisted? you would think they would straighten the body before burying and then carve the sculpture?

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