Meaning to be about Oxford. Instead the Woodside cats and Mimi.

Another cat beginning , this time it is Rummy Cat, as of T.S Eliot. He is the kitchen cat of my friends Katharine and Angus. We have come here from Scotland and I have moved into the kitchen happily with my lino cutting works. Rummy has had to move to his kitchen table castle, made earlier by Katharine and Angus’ daughter Susannah.

I did mean this to be about Oxford but I need to say about other cats and dogs here. ( of people… I have known Angus for many years, Katharine for nearly fifty years, I was K’s babysitter while I went to the art school in North Adelaide . This is again a journey seeing loved friends.) Back to cats .

The piano room cat, Fluffy. Quite ample in size, I think would pop if she walked near a cactus. She lives on the piano, leaving only to watch television on a cushioned lap. Her sister is Suki, the upstairs cat, sleeping on available beds.

IMG_3019.JPGAnd this is Scruffy , x3. She moved while I painted her, three years ago. This is Mimi’s cat, now grieving as we all are, for Mimi ( Margaret Miller) . Mimi wouldn’t mind being tucked in here amongst cat/ dog/ life news. A very loved friend, who died not long ago. The trees in the garden would have been just coming into leaf when she left. The bluebell wood beyond the pond is still blue. Perhaps still ringing, tolling the days for her dear life.

And the new leaves, here they come, so many ways we will remember Mimi.

The azealeas, and rhododendrons…

New shoots and the flower buds, the great copper beech, another springtime in their lives.

Life in this lovely home continues, Lola and Inca dogs sleep deeply on the kitchen couch where Mimi would spend afternoons enjoying the sun.


Well Inca is not deeply asleep, it is near 4.00, dinner time and she needs to pay attention.

Scruffy the cat , being reflective amongst reflections, in Mimi’s sitting room. Farewell Dear Mimi.

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2 Responses to Meaning to be about Oxford. Instead the Woodside cats and Mimi.

  1. Cathy Fowler says:

    Sad & wistful. Lovely cats & dogs & house & garden!

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