Now of Oxford, the Ashmolean, Joan Hassell, Samuel Palmer and a dangerous bookshop.


This pig is a late Oxford pig I would say, and was in the excellent pub which Michael and Sarah took us for lunch. The second photo is of diners at the next table. I would have liked to have watched to see if Betty dog got the pie in one snap.
Out on the streets we went. Shakespeare is celebrated in this shop in a cheery way.

I bought some button badges with fine insults.

In case you can’t read the top left.. Thou art a boil’. Not you personally.

I can imagine a vexed person incandescent with rage tapping out this sign .
Hurray, back again to this wonderful museum, of Art and Archaeology. Off quick sticks to the print room where we were warmly welcomed by Miss Caroline Palmer, and Katharine her assistant. Here is Glen happily looking at the Samuel Palmer rabbit walking up a hill drawing, just checked that was before, the harvest pictures.

Caroline and Katharine arranged a large folio of Joan Hassell’s wood engravings. I am not to show images of work here on this weblog, as it a publication , but if you look up her work, they are of great beauty and delight.
Out onto the streets of Oxford, being asked to meet at the Oxfam bookshop. That was a treat, maybe a bit dangerous , a perfectly arranged bookshop. I found three of the heaviest books. One.. The William Gaunt book of Impressionism, to replace one I used to own, a Folio edition of Thomas Bewick, his memoir. And a fifth edition of Percy Scholes, The Oxford Companion to music. I bought my copy nearly 100 years ago. It is heavy enough to rick my back, but is a present for Sarah and Michael’s son Charles. We have a good laugh together at the paintings of Batt, of the composers. Who all look a bit desperate. I love these books.

Sarah and Glen admiring my finds. Glen was keen to get a book of Forensic studies. It truly was one for the enthusiast. He resisted.
I will away now, back to the kitchen table.


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  1. Cathy Fowler says:

    Where is the red cup in the kitchen??

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