Now in La Roque Gageac , but more of on the way to France. 

This is not entirely clear, it is my painting book on my brush roll. I have been sitting at the window of Jane Dammers beautiful house on La Roque Gageac. The house holds onto or leans back in an ancient and comfortable sort of way to the actual Roque. Here is the view from the bed of the Rock and the start of the ceiling .
I sat at the window and looked far out over the rain covered landscape. The casement panes needed to be open , quite chilly for working so I dressed up like North Polar Bear ( Tolkien) for the occasion. Definitely in my pyjamas,  as today I am speechless, after many ( happy) days of being a teacher. Hopefully helpful. The dearest of students. 
And now photos taken by Glen, me at the window scratching away at my painting and then one from way below. The red dot is my Best hat , I love it, made by Our Sarah. ( Sarah Atkinson. ) How amazing is this little house? 

And now the house, with the hat…

We are staying here before traveling north to Paris and Brussels. Yesterday I finished my classes near Castelnaud la Chapelle, at the also lovely accomodation of Ian Johnson and Ien Ang, I think the full name 0f their home is Les Esparoutis . I will write another weblog just on this, so much to say. About everything really. The painting time together went very well, a picture of the dining room table, busy with pictures

And getting a run up for dinner….
Before I write of days before getting to France, just a few more La Roque pictures. First a small side pathway…
An exotic French Harlequin beetle 

Of natural history news, Glen saw a snake on a slither across the footpath just below the cottage gate. Imagine any fine serpent as I don’t have a photograph. The description was of an infant brown snake. 
And one last window photograph, looking out to the great Dordogne river.

I think I must stop now , an early train to catch , And next weblog will be the getting to France, via Scotland , Hampshire, Devon with a bit of a mention of London. I will finish with a picture of a wet Beynac cat. 

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8 Responses to Now in La Roque Gageac , but more of on the way to France. 

  1. Cathy Fowler says:

    What a wonderful instalment! I just love it & can’t wait for the next one. Your beautiful painting Janet! Exquisite!

  2. kayfaulkner says:

    Hi Janet and Glenn,
    Janet, I am so pleased to see your blog reappearing on my computer. It’s lovely to see what you are up to and France and other places through your eyes.

  3. Sharon Young says:

    Your blog has cheered me Janet as I sit here with badly sore throat, sadly preparing to leave the Aude region. I look forward to the next!

    • janetayliffe says:

      Dear Sharon, sorry to hear you have a sore throat, and of you leaving the Aude region, it sounds that you have been having a wonderful time. I hope the train strike might keep you there. It has us, bailed up in La Roque Gageac. Lucky we have such a lovely place to be bailed. Just hoping now we can get up to Brussels to see our friend Katharine. All the best dear Sharon, with love Janet

  4. Tricia Kress says:

    Hello Janet I enjoyed all your pictures insect a fascinating place. Cheers much love to both of you. Tricia.

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