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Now in La Roque Gageac , but more of on the way to France. 

This is not entirely clear, it is my painting book on my brush roll. I have been sitting at the window of Jane Dammers beautiful house on La Roque Gageac. The house holds onto or leans back in an ancient … Continue reading

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Now of Oxford, the Ashmolean, Joan Hassell, Samuel Palmer and a dangerous bookshop.

This pig is a late Oxford pig I would say, and was in the excellent pub which Michael and Sarah took us for lunch. The second photo is of diners at the next table. I would have liked to have … Continue reading

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Meaning to be about Oxford. Instead the Woodside cats and Mimi.

Another cat beginning , this time it is Rummy Cat, as of T.S Eliot. He is the kitchen cat of my friends Katharine and Angus. We have come here from Scotland and I have moved into the kitchen happily with … Continue reading

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To the Far North

. We have come to Scotland , Portobello , to visit our friends Sue and Alec, Jack and Ellie. ( On our way to to France) . Camy Cat sits at the window , the sun is coming up through … Continue reading

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Paris after the Cassis Glacé,  then on a speedy train south. 

 This is looking down the Dordogne river, I am peering out from a great height , between the summer stalky grasses of the bastide town of Domme.    My paper is clipped on with a hair clip. If it blows … Continue reading

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An Attic in Paris, at last . .

I have decided to write later of my adventures in England. For now as I leave Angleterre, a picture of me as a traveller, taken in a very Dickens area of London, Marshalsea road, and not far away, Little Dorrit … Continue reading

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George Mackley’s wood engravings , Paul Nash’s Clumps etching, then on the train North .

  Well this is clearly not a wood engraving, it is what I can see now out of my window in Paris. All those rooftops! I am so high up. I arrived today…June 11.  In this weblog I am saying still … Continue reading

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Back down the railway tracks .( back some days in my travels)..

    I have borrowed the first cat photo (anon) and took the picture of Thomas of Thames view cottage. ( at Clifton Hampden). The cat pictures are to honour the life of Miss Kitty, who went on the long sleep. She … Continue reading

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Back to my weblog.

  I am quite behind like Brown’s Cows in writing my weblog. I think I will start at right now to say of what has been happening in my days. Beginning at nearly midnight , at our friends’ Sue and Alex’s … Continue reading

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Paris, The Third Say.

Le Chat Gris Blanc. I need to start with un chat as Le Chat committee have noticed nary a cat on these weblogs. Now un Chat trés Grand. Le Chat Bouffée Boule. Le Chat et la vew, La Riviére Dordogne … Continue reading

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